Storage Vault

Mac minis come standard with 500GB to 2TB of storage space. We can increase both storage space and redundancy with our Storage Vault options. “Storage Vault” was the term that we used to to promote our 1U RAID5 Storage options, we are now using it to describe any of our storage options. We have a variety of solutions that range from 1TB to 12TB(raw) with both leased or customer-owned options. For custom storage solutions please visit our Custom Solutions page or contact us.


External Hard Drives

Customers can send in external hard drives that are bus powered. They must also be within 0.75″ thick. Note: Some manufacturers (especially G-Tech) do not publish accurate measurements and may not fit. There is a $10 charge per month for the rack space and each Mac mini can have one drive connected to it. We have drives available for purchase. Current stock is 2TB USB 3.0 drives from Seagate ($150).

Drobo Mini Colo

The Drobo Mini is nearly the same size as a Mac mini and can house (4) 2.5″ hard drives in a ‘BeyondRAID’ configuration. The Drobo allows for a variety of disk sizes and will allow for customized configurations. We can colocate your Drobo Mini along your Mac mini. The Drobo Mini connects via Thunderbolt or USB 3.0. We can daisy chain multiple Drobo Minis together via Thunderbolt. For more information on the Drobo Mini please visit Drobo’s Website.

1U RAID5 Storage Vault Rental

We offer a 1U RAID5 Storage Vault that has 3TB of usable disk space. The Storage Vault is a monthly charge with a 12 month commitment. After the 12 months it’s at the same monthly rate with no cancellation fees. The unit can connect via FW800 or USB 3.0. The drives are server class enterprise drives and we would replace one if it should fail. The RAID5 configuration allows for 3TB of usable space.

Promise Pegasus R6 RAID Colo

We offer rack space for the Promise Pegasus units. They allow up to 12TB(raw) space and connect via Thunderbolt to a Mac mini. There is enough space to fit the ‘R6′ model, but we will accept smaller versions also. The rack space is $150/mo and customers would send in their own RAID unit.