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All us at MacMiniVault.com wish you a Happy 4th of July! Starting today we are offering special pricing on two popular services: our dedicated (rental) minis and our Enterprise colocation package! Dedicated Mac minis are a great way to run a macOS server ‘in the cloud’ with no commitment or up front costs. Colocation is a great option if you have a Mac mini that you’d like to send in. You can also purchase a mini directly from us. You can even split the payments over 12 months.

Dedicated Mac mini promo code: MMV-50off5 This promo code will discount all of our Dedicated (rental) Mac minis by 50% for the first 5 months; after that the service will go to normal price. No commitments, no contracts, no setup fees.

Order a Mac Mini Dedicated Server

Enterprise colocation package promo code: MMV-5for6 This promo code will discount our Enterprise colocation plan by 90% down to $5 per month. For the next 6 months the service will be invoiced at $5, after that the service will revert to normal price. Any time after that, customers can downgrade to the Core plan which runs $29.99 per month.

Order the Enterprise colocation package

What’s included in both of these offers:

We offer free hands-on support, remote reboot, bandwidth graphs, and two data centers with numerous fiber providers.

Worried about backups? No problem. We can provide an external 2TB or 4TB USB drive for backing up your data so make sure you add that option to your shopping cart during the check out process.

Test out our speeds and your software configurations:

We offer a zero-commitment 24 hour demo of our colocation service using minis we own and have configured. The demos are great for testing speeds and performance as well as installing software and testing configurations. We zero-out each demo hard drive before redeploying it. Sign up for a demo at www.macminivault.com/try.

Some more details
– Both of these promotions are available to new and current customers signing up for a new service in addition to the service they currently have
– After the promotional price expires, the monthly pricing will revert back to normal pricing
– The promotion runs until August 31, 2017