OS X in the cloud.

We specialize in hosting Macs in data centers. Our two data centers (Milwaukee and Phoenix) host over 1,500 Macs. We have high density cabinets for both the Mac mini and Mac Pro. We host Macs for customers in over 55 countries. Our customer service and feature packed services make us the leader in the hosted Mac niche.

Popular uses for a hosted Mac:

  • Web / Email Hosting
  • Jenkins / Xcode Continous Integration
  • OS X Software and Design Testing
  • Daylite / CRM Hosting
  • Xcode Development
  • Offsite Storage / File Server
  • Filemaker / Database Hosting
  • Plex Media Server

Test Drive

We invite you to take one of our Mac minis for a spin. We offer 24 hour demos to test out speeds and software configurations. Give it a try!

About Us

We're a small group based outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Many of us have founded our own hosting/web companies that were acquired by Mac Mini Vault's parent company, CyberLynk. We are all highly skilled engineers with various wheelhouses; OS X, VMware, Linux, Windows, Cisco, VoIP. Our customer service and technical expertise is highly valued by our customers.

Data Center Features

We are the only provider of Mac mini hosting that offers two data center options. The benefits of hosting with Mac Mini Vault do not stop there. We've worked hard to bring the most features and capabilities to market at the most competitive price.

  • 1 Gbps Ports standard
  • Native IPv6 Available
  • SOCII Audited (Phoenix)
  • Free Hands on Support*

We simply do not believe in constantly charging customers for every little thing. If you need an OS re-installed, or a video dongle hooked up to your machine you shouldn't have to worry about charges or monthly add-on costs.

What People say

Had an excellent experience with @MacMiniVault so far. Responsive support, awesome pricing, and ridiculous fast connection. Thanks guys!

Matt (@spltngheadache) February 9, 2014

I'm impressed at @MacMiniVault support. Good to work with pros who know what they are doing!

Kohsuke Kawaguchi (@kohsukekawa) October 14, 2013

Service Features

Monthly service costs can be deceptive. When choosing a host be sure to compare all the features. What will it cost if something breaks? What if I want a faster port? Is IPv6 connectivity available? Our goal is to deliver the best service and the most value.


Have questions? No worries. We are here to help.

How fast is your internet connection?

Each Mac mini has a 1 Gbps network connection a few hops away from the public internet. Each data center has multiple bandwidth providers and we make sure all of our connections have plenty of available bandwidth. To summarize, "very fast".

I get the rent2own Mac mini after 12 months?

Well yes and no. We don't automatically pack it up and ship it to you. Your colocation service keeps renewing until you cancel that. We treat the Mac mini as owned by you at that point and only invoice the colo fees.

What is colocation?

Colocation (colo for short) is where a customer owns their equipment and pays a data center for rack space, bandwidth, and power. Over the long term this is a tremendous savings over leasing equipment. When you no longer need the server hosted we ship it back to you.

What can you use a Mac mini for?

Many many things. Use it as a server. Load ESXi on it and run OS X, Linux, or Windows Virtual Machines. Host Mac specific software (Filemaker, Daylite, Xcode, Jenkins, etc). Personal remote workstation. Off site backup/redundancy. Software development and testing. Plus many more use cases.

What if I want to run Windows, Linux, or Virtualization?

We are one of the few companies that will load Windows or Linux (CentOS/Ubuntu Server LTS) on a bare metal Mac mini. We also offer ESXi which is great for virtualization. You can also virtualize inside your OS X, Windows, or Linux OS as well. You'll most likely want an additional IP for each VM.

How reliable is a Mac mini?

Very reliable. If you had to choose a weak point of the Mac mini, it'd be the hard drive. Performing backups to a second drive and using our Enterprise colocation plan will ensure that when the day comes that your hard drive finally stops spinning, you won't have data loss or any unexpected bills. We'll handle the hardware repair and data restore free of charge.

More than just Mac hosting

We own our Milwaukee Data Center. We offer a full range of data center and hosting services under our various brands. You can source your domains, SSL certificates, spam filtering all from one friendly source. We've been helping customers around the world since 1995.

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