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We utilize many tools both internal and external to our network for monitoring. In the 20 year history of CyberLynk (parent company of Mac Mini Vault), we’ve maintained a stable network that experiences little downtime. We introduced some major changes in 2014 to help us centralize our monitoring efforts as well as transparently share our network status with our customers. It’s also important that the data we share is accurate and unbiased. We have public reports from Pingdom that shows uptime at our data centers. Pingdom has been in business since 2007 and tests our data centers from 60 different host nodes between North America and Europe. They provide an accurate and unbiased 3rd party uptime report.

It’s important to realize that we are talking about data center uptime. A single Mac mini has one network port and one power supply. We measure and report uptime at a facility level. There are occasions where downtime affects a small number customers on a specific switch or PDU — or simply their Mac mini is having hardware or software issues. We recommend hosting a few Mac servers between our locations for customers that can not afford any downtime what-so-ever.

Here are the report summaries from 2014. Pingdom reports MKE1 (Milwaukee, WI) as 99.99% uptime and PHX1 (Phoenix, AZ) as 100% uptime. MKE1 did have a brief network issue earlier in the year. The other small downtime outages that Pingdom is catching are various peering or routing hiccups between network providers outside of our network.