Well, it finally happened – after a little over 4 years, Apple has announced new Mac minis. As soon as we start receiving the minis in stock we’ll be posting a teardown like we did in 2014. We have received the minis in stock and have posted a tear down and benchmark blog post.

If you’re interested in renting or purchasing a 2018 Mac mini from us, just fill out this form and we’ll provide more information on what we’re stocking and pricing for dedicated, Rent2Own and purchased minis.


Are you interested in purchasing or renting a 2018 Mac mini when they are available?
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Which model are you interested in (all memory will be upgradeable to 64GB):
3.6Ghz/Quad Core i3/16GB DDR4/256GB SSD3.0Ghz/Hex Core i5/16GB DDR4/512GB SSD3.2Ghz/Hex Core i7/16GB DDR4/1TB SSD3.2Ghz/Hex Core i7/16GB DDR4/2TB SSDOther (list specs below)

Which of our data centers are you interested in?
Milwaukee, WI (MKE1)Phoenix, AZ (PHX1)