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This weekend we are celebrating 4 years of running Mac Mini Vault. Next year is exciting as it’s not only going to be our 5th anniversary, but our parent company CyberLynk’s 20th anniversary. It’s amazing to see how our service has grown over the past 4 years. We have of our customers to thank for that. We’re constantly challenged to improve and grow. We add to and enhance features regularly. It’s equally rewarding to see our customers grow and use our infrastructure to create great things.

2014 seemed to fly right by, it’s amazing to look back and see how much happened in the year:

December 2013 – We first posted our design of our Mac Pro cabinet [Link]
December 2013 – We added Level(3) as a bandwidth provider to our MKE1 Data Center [Link]
January 2014 – Phase 1 construction of our MKE1 DC3 build-out started [Link]
February 2014 – We announced our Phoenix Location [Link]
March 2014 – After a year of running IPv6, we’re still the only Mac hosting service to offer it
March 2014 – Our PHX1 Data Center went live (99.999% uptime since we’ve been live) [Link]
July 2014 – We made a video highlighting our services [Link]
August 2014 – We integrated Watchman Monitoring into our customer portal [Link]
September 2014 – Apple patched OS X 10.7 and newer for ShellShock. We made a 10.6 patch [Link]
October 2014 – We did a tear down and benchmark review of the new Mac mini [Link]
October 2014 – We finished construction on our new NOC at our MKE1 Data Center
November 2014 – Mac Pro cabinet went online after much testing – very close to the original design! [Link]
December 2014 – Started electrical and ladder racking work in our MKE1 DC3 build-out
December 2014 – We improved our MySQL installer script for Yosemite support [Link]

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements in 2015!