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Phoenix, AZ

Mac Mini Vault is a part of CyberLynk, a data center company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We offer Mac data center services out of Cyberlynk’s space in PHX1, a data center in Phoenix, Arizona. PHX1 is manned 24x7x365 with NOC support and trained security (ex-military/police). We also have a dedicated staff of Mac engineers that work specifically on the Macs in PHX1. We are able to replicate our Mac hosting services that we do in Milwaukee easily because our specially engineered Mac mini colocation solutions are based on industry-standard data center cabinets.

Our design allows for efficient hosting of up to 140 Mac minis per cabinet. The Mac minis sit within a specially designed chassis allowing for organization while also sliding to provide easy access for hands-on support. The slots in the chassis are cataloged by specific location. Each slot is assigned a static IPv4 address, an IPv6 network, a user-controllable power outlet, and a 1Gbps network switch port. Additional IPv4 addresses are available at an additional cost. All network traffic is graphed and viewable in our customer portal.

Fiber and Bandwidth

PHX1 is equipped with reliable upstream internet access by way of redundant fiber paths connected to over 20 bandwidth providers. These high-capacity fiber connections are combined with efficient BGP routing equipment powered by Cisco to ensure unrivaled performance and availability. It is this world-class fiber optic network that enables us to offer bandwidth capacity at the most competitive prices. We are the first and only Mac mini colocation service to offer native IPv6 service. PHX1 features two primary bandwidth providers, and we will steadily add more as our footprint at the location grows.


There are many factors that go into choosing a colocation facility, and security is among the factors that cannot be overlooked. The Phoenix data center was built with security in mind. The entire facility is monitored by an extensive network of cameras. PHX is patrolled 24x7x365 by a trained security team. To access the data center cabinets, there are multiple security checkpoints that one must pass through, including a secured lobby and a mantrap with three-factor authentication. PHX1 is a SOC 2 (formally SAS70) audited facility.

Speed Tests – Phoenix

Below are several links to test the upload and download speed tests directly from our Phoenix, Arizona data center, where your Mac would be colocated.

HTML5 Speedtest

Looking Glass

CyberLynk’s AS number is AS21624. We peer with Lumen and Cogent in our Phoenix, Arizona data center.


PHX1 is located in the perfect west coast location. Phoenix is one of the safest locations in the United States when it comes to natural disasters. PHX1 has excellent fiber connectivity from California and is a significant conduit for internet traffic. While it’s a warmer climate than Milwaukee, the data center space is always cool. The facility has N+1 chiller plants and N+4 CRAH units. We chose Phoenix as our second location because it offers tremendous benefits to our customers.