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We started working with Mac minis in our data center shortly after the mid-2010 redesign. The new shape and internal power supply allowed us to easily fit 140 units inside a customized 48U cabinet. Unfortunately we could not accommodate customers that wanted to colo their older Mac mini units. Until now. Mac Mini Vault now has a rack dedicated to the classic Mac minis. This rack has shelves specially configured to secure a Mac mini, external power supply, and external storage (extra cost). The same UPS, Generator, Remote Reboot, and Network Graph features are included. We are unable to provide ‘hot spare’ units. If you have been colocating a Mac mini and you are not ready to upgrade to the mid-2010+ design, switch to Mac Mini Vault to lower your operating costs. We will give you 6 months free if you are moving from another data center (Promo Code classic6). If you decide to upgrade to a new unit we will assist with the migration and mount your old mini in target disk mode as a FireWire drive to your new one. Click here for more information on our Classic Mac mini colo plan.