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We were not the first to market colocation services specifically for Mac minis. When we started Mac Mini Vault, our goal was to give colo service with the best value. For example, features that normally cost extra were included at no additional cost with our plans. Because we own our data center and our offices are in the same building we are able to offer free hands-on support during week days. The pain of making a mistake with a firewall configuration or accidentally clicking ‘shut down’ does not have to come with an additional charge to get your machine back online. We engineered our infrastructure specifically to hold a high volume of Mac minis in a secure data center environment. Our Mac mini cabinets can hold up to 140 Mac minis. Each cabinet is equipped with (6) APC Switched PDUs, (3) Cisco Stacked Gigabit Switches, (2) Fiber feeds to our backbone network, and over 900 feet of Cat5e cable. Each Mini is placed in a slot that holds it tightly in place, each chassis of Minis can slide out for our technicians to access the back of the units.

As you can see, a lot more goes into choosing a colocation provider than just the cost and bandwidth of the plan. We scoured the internet looking for the fine print for similar services to ours. The results have been placed out on macminicolocomparison.com. We wanted to be as accurate as possible and will continue to adapt the page as features and prices change.