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We’ve taken our extreme fondness for highly organized and high density hosting solutions to the next level. Mac Mini Vault now offers colocation services for G4 Cubes. This service marks the first of our ‘vintage hosting’ services. In the near future we plan to build specialized cabinets to colo other vintage computers as well. This service is a great way to enjoy your G4 Cube and access it anywhere there is an internet connection. We could not think of any better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first ‘miniature’ Mac! We are able to offer this service at an attractive price by maximizing cabinet space. Our patent-pending ‘cube tray’ chassis allows us to colo 6 G4 Cubes in a 4U space. Special cooling ducts and vents in the cube tray allow for proper air circulation.
G4 Cube Colo Chassis "cube tray"

FYI – this is our 2011 April Fool’s Joke post