800-862-5965 sales@macminivault.com

Do you offer Domains?

Customers can log into their client portal and use the ‘Domains’ menu to register, transfer, and renew domains. For the domain to be ‘live’ the nameservers for the domain will need to be set accordingly if you are going to host your own DNS,...

What about the Mac mini box/packaging?

We catalog and store the Mac mini boxes in a secure warehouse. If you send your mini in to us with its original box we will store it for you and use it for return shipping.

Where do I ship the mini?

When you place an order we will provision an IP address and slot for your mini. You will receive an email with instructions on how to configure your mini and where to send it to. Please ensure the mini is packed safely and the package is insured with the shipping...

Can I set reverse DNS names?

Yes you can. Just open a support ticket and we will update the reverse DNS records for your IP(s).

Is there a contract for colocation?

No. There is not a contract for your Mac mini colocation. We have 3 basic conditions that apply to cancelations: Prorated refunds are given for service months paid in advance. The current month is not refunded. There is a $20 shipping and handling fee to return your...