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What is the level of redundancy?

Your Mac mini will be in a datacenter with it’s own dedicated power circuit backed up with Generac generators and N+2 UPS battery systems. Your Mac mini will be plugged into a Cisco Gigabit switch stack that is connected by fiber to two separate core switches...

How fast is the network connection?

All Mac minis located in our cabinets (model year 2010 and newer) are connected to Cisco gigabit switch stacks. Each gigabit switch stack has redundant fiber connections to redundant core switches which are a pair of Cisco 6509’s. All of our core switches are...

Can I have physical access to my Mac mini?

Customers can schedule a visit to the data center by opening a support ticket. We can not allow customers in the cabinets, but we can power down your Mac mini and set it up at a workstation.

Is your data center secure?

Our Milwaukee data center is monitored by multiple IP video cameras and secured with programmable RFID badges. If a badge goes missing it can be disabled immediately. Each cabinet within the data center is also locked.