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What if a new Mac mini is announced right after I order?

If a new Mac mini is released within 30 days after you either sign up for a rent2own program or purchase a mini from us, you have the option of swapping out your Mac mini to the new model. Just open a ticket within seven days of the new machines being released and...

What if I just wanted to try it out?

We offer 24 hour demo periods to potential customers to allow them to test out the service prior to signing up. Enter your details in the Test Drive form at www.macminivault.com/try and we’d be glad to get a demo setup for you.

Why does the shopping cart not show rent2own as recurring?

Our ordering system doesn’t handle the rent2own items as subscriptions. We manually tell the system the duration and number of payments. Because of that the order form treats the rent2own items as one-time charges. In fact, that charge is the first of 12. The...