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Can multiple users connect to the same Mac?

We are often asked if customers can have multiple users connect to a single Mac mini via Screen Sharing at the same time. Technically this is possible – each user just needs to log in with a different username while connecting via Screen Sharing.

However, the experience can be hit-or-miss, so we don’t recommend it in a day-to-day production environment. Each user should be assigned to their own Mac (or macOS VM, if running a virtualized environment) for optimum performance and experience for the end user.

There are some side effects of having multiple users connected via Screen Sharing. These include a phantom mouse cursor blinking in the top left screen for some of the users. We have also received reports of sub-par video performance for some users.

If it’s a requirement to run two users on the same mini, NuoRDS Terminal Server may provide a smoother experience over RDP.