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How fast is the network connection?

All Mac minis located in our cabinets are connected to Cisco gigabit switch stacks. Each gigabit switch stack has redundant fiber connections to our core layer switches.

Peak transfer speeds will depend on the connection at the other end of the transfer and the path it takes. Peak transfer speeds are only temporary and long term transfer rates are reflected in the ‘sustained’ transfer rates listed in our packages.

We have two different upstream BGP peers at PHX1. Cogent and Lumen (Level 3). There are over 20 providers onsite that we can peer with as we grow our Phoenix presence. We control our upstream connection with our own AS number (AS21624). Other companies may have colo space inside a huge data center with a lot of connections. However, if they do not run their own AS number and peering, it means they are getting a “blended bandwidth product” which uses a handful of random peers. Not the 30+ network providers that the data center has connectivity to. We build our network and connectivity to give great bandwidth (size of the pipe) but also low latency (responsiveness).