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What if my Mac mini suffers a hardware failure?

Our Enterprise level colocation includes access to a Emergency Loaner mini in case of hardware failure. You can use the Emergency Loaner mini if your machine is being serviced locally. To reduce downtime we commend using live cloning software such as SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner. The clone can be placed on an external hard drive or on the secondary hard drive of a Mac mini Server. We can boot the Emergency Loaner mini off your cloned drive. If you do not have a clone of your hard drive you will have to configure the Emergency Loaner mini temporarily as your unit is being repaired.

Our Enterprise colocation plan also includes a Perpetual Warranty on hardware that was purchased from us (including the Rent2Own program). Any hardware repairs are done free of charge. If the unit is not repairable a mini with the same or better specs will be provided.

We can service your Mac mini with our Apple Authorized Service Provider. There is a $20 transportation fee and any repair costs would be charged if outside of warranty. We can also send your unit back to you. Any time we ship your Mini there is a $20 transportation fee.