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What is “hands on” support?

If you are unable to access your mini we will provide free hands on support during 8AM to 5PM US Central time Monday through Friday except holidays. There is a $150 charge for emergency hands on support outside of 8-5 on business days. Hands on means we will physically plug a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into your mini and get it back up for you. Repairing hardware that is not covered by our perpetual warranty is available at an additional charge.

Most things can be handled by a remote reboot, but things like disabled networking, bad firewall rule, or a hardware failure can not be fixed by a reboot. Our hands-on support covers much more than a bad firewall configuration, or resetting a password. We can help with troubleshooting issues with macOS and macOS Server. We are Mac experts and happily offer our expertise to our customers.