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What is your uptime, guarantee, or SLA?

We always strive for 100% uptime. By uptime, we are measuring the data center having power and internet connectivity. Individual machines may see different uptimes when considering software updates, reboots, and occasional hardware/software issues.

We have a track record of 99.9% or better uptime. Most months we deliver 100% uptime. We track these with monitoring systems we have both inside and outside of our network. You can view our MKE1 Pingdom stats page and PHX1 Pingdom stats page which monitors a Mac mini, or view our sister company’s server history page. Some of those servers have been online since 2008. Keep in mind, the individual servers on those tests may have had issues causing downtime as well.

If a company says they actually deliver 100% uptime and have never had any type of outages what-so-ever, it is a marketing bullet point that is not based in truth. Many companies promise 100% uptime and provide SLA (Service Level Agreements) to guarantee uptime. Normally an SLA would promise a refund of service cost based on a percentage of the downtime experienced and documented by the customer. Most agreements put the burden of monitoring and proving downtime on the customer. Our Mac mini colocation plans are priced at a point where if we hit 99.9% instead of 100% uptime, the refund would be less than a dollar.

We guarantee that we will deliver the best possible service and customer support. We are driven to hit 100% uptime. We will immediately resolve issues that affect uptime. If you are ever unhappy with our service, contact us and we will make things right.