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Why am I receiving a Payment reminder when I have a PayPal subscription?

There are two possible answers for this:
a) PayPal Subscriptions can only be setup in our billing system for recurring services, not rent2own payments or other non-recurring charges.

The reason this is done is that if you setup the payment for the full amount including the rent2own payment, the automatic transfer would continue for the full amount even after the 12th Rent2Own payment had been completed, thereby creating a building credit balance on your account.

b) When you setup your PayPal subscription, it was for a different dollar amount than your service currently is which may be caused by additional IP’s being added to your account or other services such as a firewall, external HD colocation or other services being added.

This could be determined by looking at the current invoice and seeing the amount of the credit which was applied to the invoice from the PayPal subscription you currently have setup. If that is the case, you will have to cancel the current subscription and setup a new subscription for the new amount or you can manually log in and pay the balance owed when the invoices are generated.