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It all started back on December 21st, 2010… MacMiniVault.com began offering colocation for Mac mini servers. While there are other Mac mini colocation providers in the marketplace we hold the same values today as we did when we started MacMiniVault.com and our mission to provide the highest quality service has never changed. Basic concepts like unlimited email/phone support, free IPv6 addressing, no contracts, 1Gbps ports, no bandwidth limiting/throttling, no hidden fees, free HDMI dongles, no bait and switch pricing schemes, multiple data centers, Rent2Own, free Watchman monitoring, Perpetual Warranty Program and the list goes on.

On September 2nd, 2015 our Dedicated Mac mini rental option was released. This removed the need to purchase a mini outright, reducing up front costs for our customers. With our dedicated Mac mini server packages you manage all of the software, OS configuration and backups while the engineers at MacMiniVault.com maintain the networking and hardware. By removing the large up-front cost, the barrier to entry for would-be app developers and enthusiasts was removed.

Due to the explosion of app development, VMware, file sharing and love for Mac minis, business has been booming and that brings us to today. With our recent buildout of five new cabinets that hold 128 Mac minis each, this marks another milestone in our growth.

To mark this special occasion sign up before December 31st to receive 50% off each month for the first 5 months. Use promo code: MMV-50off5 This promo code will discount all of our Dedicated Mac minis by 50% down for the first 5 months, after that the service will go to normal price. No commitments, no contracts, no setup fees. We offer free hands-on support*, remote reboot, bandwidth graphs, and discounts from our software partners with all of our dedicated mini plans.

Test out our speeds and your software configurations:
We offer a zero-commitment 24 hour demo of our colocation service using minis we own and have configured. The demos are great for testing speeds and performance as well as installing software and testing configurations. We zero-out each demo hard drive before redeploying it. Sign up for a demo at www.macminivault.com/try.

Dedicated Mac mini service details:

We are stocking both 2012 and 2014 model Mac minis with optional SSD hard drive upgrades. You can also choose an alternate operating system during the check out process. Worried about backups? No problem. We can provide an external 2TB or 4TB USB drive for backing up your data so make sure you add that option to your shopping cart during the check out process.


Order your Dedicated Mac Mini Server Today!

Some more details….
– This is available to new and current customers signing up for a new Dedicated mac mini
– After the 5 month promotional price, the monthly pricing will revert back to normal pricing
– The promotion runs from November 28th, 2016 to December 31st, 2016

*Free hands-on support is available during 1st shift hours on normal business days.