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Mac Studio Colocation

Mac Mini Vault provides colocation services for customers of all sizes. From a single Mac Studio to an entire cabinet, we have the capacity to support your infrastructure.


Support for all Mac Studio Models

Mac Studio

  • UNLIMITED monthly transfer
  • 1 Gbps bandwidth access
  • (1) Public IPv4 address
  • /96 IPv6 address block available

Getting Started

2 Ways to Host a Mac Studio

Ship yours

To ship your Mac in for colocation, simply order the service without selecting a purchase option. We’ll email setup instructions and shipping directions. No need to ship the power cable or any adapters, but we recommend using the packaging. We’ll store it and return it with the Mac when it is eventually shipped back to you.

Dedicated Server (Rental)

Rent a Dedicated Mac from us and you will never have to worry about hardware issues again. By renting a Dedicated Mac mini, Studio, or 2013 Mac Pro from us you get all of the benefits of hosting a Mac in the datacenter without the headaches of having to pay for costly hardware replacements. Month to Month Contract. (more info)


Included in all Colocation Plans

1 Gbps Network Port

All Macs are connected to the network at 1 Gbps

Unlimited Monthly Transfer

Don’t worry about how much data you’ve transferred

Redundant Network

Redundant internal 10 Gbps network infrastructure

IPv4 and IPv6 Peering

IPv4 and IPv6 Peering with multiple Tier 1 backbone connections

Reverse DNS

Reverse DNS (PTR) entries of your choice

Network Port Graphs

Network traffic graphs showing historical traffic usage

Remote Reboot Control

Remotely power cycle an unresponsive Mac

Secure Data Center

Physically and electronically secured data center rackspace

24 x 7 Support

With free hands-on support during business hours (8AM-5PM CST M-F)


Options and Upgrade Pricing

Add-on HDMI Video Dongle 4k GPU Enhancer – ($0.00 USD)

Mac Mini Vault Supplied Storage

Storage Vault 2TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive [RENTAL] – ($12.00 USD Monthly)
Storage Vault 4TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive [RENTAL] – ($15.00 USD Monthly)
Storage Vault RAID5 3TB Storage (Leased) – (12 Month Contract) – ($150.00 USD Monthly)

Customer Supplied Storage

Storage Vault External Drive Colocation (Customer Supplied or Available for Purchase) – ($10.00 USD Monthly)
Storage Vault 2TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive – (Requires Monthly Charge) – ($105.00 USD One Time)
Storage Vault 4TB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive – (Requires Monthly Charge) – ($180.00 USD One Time)
Storage Vault Drobo Mini Colocation (Customer Supplied) – ($50.00 USD Monthly)
Storage Vault Promise Pegasus R6 Colocation – (Customer Supplied) ($150.00 USD Monthly)

Secure dedicated network segment protected with a Cisco ASA Firewall – ($50.00 USD Monthly)

24 Hour Free Trial

We offer a 24 hour zero commitment demo of a hosted Mac.
Install anything you want and get a full picture of our service.
No credit card necessary!