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Mac Mini Vault has provided a variety of external storage device options for colocated and dedicated Mac minis, Pros, and Studios. Customers can send in their own external storage devices, or we have affordable rental options available.

Due to the latest generation Macs containing non-upgradable internal storage, we’ve seen an increased demand for more flexible storage options. We’re excited to introduce external SSD storage drives, which feature USB-C connectivity (on supported Macs), and USB 3.0 for older Macs. The external drives contain an NVMe SSD for blazing-fast I/O performance.

The new external SSDs offer 2TB-8TB of storage and are available to all customers on a month-to-month or annual basis with no contracts:

Storage Vault 2TB External SSD
Storage Vault 4TB External SSD
Storage Vault 8TB External SSD

As always, customers can also send in their own external drives to be connected to their colocated or dedicated Mac servers. For additional external storage options, please see our Storage Vault page or contact us for custom options.