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The new Mac Pro was announced this past summer at WWDC. We waited until October to hear once again from Apple that it’ll be here soon. We had already working on our cabinet design for months at that point. Our Mac Faux/Mock Pro served as a guideline. We have yet to be able to test with actual Mac Pro hardware.

Apple began accepting orders for the new Mac Pro this morning. We hope to get some in sometime during January. Shortly after which, we’ll be able to confirm our cabinet design and make any necessary adjustments. The testing phase is extremely important to us. It’s more important to us to have the best solution rather than the first solution.

If you’re ready to go before our first Mac Pro cabinet is online we can host your Mac Pro (silo style) where we host the current Mac Pros (tower style) in our data center. Shortly after which we can move your new Mac Pro into its permanent home.

Please contact us for more information.

UPDATE October 2014
macprovault.com is live