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Imagine a world where your hosted Mac mini is always under warranty. There is no fear of unexpected labor or hardware costs. If the Mac mini should fail to ever start again, it would be reborn at the same spec or faster. What if I told you that Mac Mini Vault will warranty your Mac mini forever?

Earlier this year we added a feature to our Enterprise colocation plan. We didn’t hype it up or do a big press release about it. However, it’s the biggest thing we’ve done since we made our rent2own payment plan a permanent fixture on our order form. Our perpetual warranty is just an added bonus to the already attractive Enterprise plan. The plan includes unlimited bandwidth and data transfer on a 1 Gbps port along with our other standard colo features.

The perpetual warranty is applicable to Mac minis that were purchased from us or bought through the rent2own program. If the machine has any hardware failures outside the Apple factory warranty we will repair it free of charge. If by any chance the machine is not repairable, we will replace it with the same or newer spec machine. This warranty is valid as long as the machine is hosted with the Enterprise plan. The perpetual warranty also includes upgrades purchased from Mac Mini Vault, including RAM and SSD upgrades.

Unfortunately this warranty can only protect against future parts and labor costs. We recommend that customers have a comprehensive backup plan in place so that we can effectively repair the machine with little to no loss of data.