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adjective ded·i·cat·ed \ˈdedəˌkādəd\
: exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular service or purpose

A dedicated server is a remote server that is entirely dedicated to an individual, organization or application. It is deployed, hosted and managed by a service provider in a datacenter. A dedicated server is exclusive and not shared with any other customer, service or application.

We have redundant power, bandwidth, and security to keep your Mac server online 24/7/365. Our high density solutions give customers access to that infrastructure at very affordable rates.

MacMiniVault.com owns the dedicated Mac mini hardware and customers simply rent the hardware on a monthly basis. Customers can cancel at anytime as we offer month to month contracts. Any hardware issues will be handled by our engineers at no cost to you. Dedicated Mac mini servers start at $49.99/month.

Customers use Mac servers for an amazingly wide range of purposes:

  • Website / Email Hosting
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration
  • Xcode Development
  • macOS Software and Design Testing
  • Daylite Hosting
  • CRM Hosting
  • Offsite Storage / Backup Server
  • File Server
  • Filemaker / Database Hosting
  • Personal VPN Server
  • Plex Media Server

For customers that want to ship us a mini they already own, purchase everything from us, or rent out a Mac mini. Any hardware or rental costs are added to the cost of the colo service which starts at $29.99/month. Please review our colocation offering.

Advanced Solutions:

Real help from real people

With our experience of hosting thousands of Mac minis since 2010, we can guide and assist you with any project. We have the flexibility to architect custom projects or put a full scope consulting plan in place. We’re here to help.

Imaging and Duplication

Do you have one Mac that you need to duplicate to more? We can assist with an imaging process to streamline such a project. We can also build an automated imaging environment as a part of our custom Mac Cluster solutions.

Scale quickly and smoothly

We can deploy hundreds of Mac minis at our data center locations with quick turnarounds. Customers with 15 or more Mac minis are eligible for volume discounts. We also offer per-node pricing on larger (100+) deployments.

Firewall and Security

We offer complete firewall solutions or build a custom solution for hosting your own firewall or security equipment. Customers can turn their Mac mini into a VPN server with our macOS VPN setup script, no firewall device required.

Backup and Redundancy

We can assist with putting in a backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Our Watchman Monitoring feature can alert if a backup has failed to run. We can setup Mac servers at our different data centers for total redundancy.

Location, Location, Location

Our peering at our Southwest and Midwest US facilities gives us great network speeds worldwide. As we continue to grow and expand we constantly look to add new providers that can increase capacity and improve peering access.

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