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Apple made shockwaves this week by releasing OS X 10.9 Mavericks on the announcement day for free. Any 2009 model or newer Mac mini is eligible to upgrade to Mavericks at no cost, especially our VALUE machines! Server.app is a paid upgrade and works just the same as the 10.7 to 10.8 upgrade path.

While the basic Server.app functions (web & email) have had smooth upgrade results, we’d recommend holding off if you rely on VPN or other advanced features. We’ve had a mix of reports on post-upgrade VPN functionality.

Some of the important things to remember are:
  • The upgrade can be done remotely
  • If you rely on the machine for work/business, hold off for a bit until 10.9.1, etc
  • Backup any important data
  • The upgrade can take 45 to 60 minutes
  • Do not issue a remote reboot during the process
  • Schedule the upgrade between 7am and 5pm CST business days for prompt and free hands on support
  • Re-run the Bonjour disabling script
  • Re-run the SSH port change script if you were running an alternate SSH port
  • Check your power settings!!! Especially ‘power on after power failure’ and to schedule a nightly ‘power on’ event
  • Server.app (paid upgrade) is done after upgrading to Mavericks – if you are running Server.app

NEW UPDATED 10/29/13:

  • We recommend disabling the Mission Control preference for ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ – especially if you are using a video dongle
  • Run the following command to fix a networking/packet loss bug (more info):
  • bash <(curl -Ls http://git.io/6YzLCw)

We'll be doing more testing over the next few weeks which include re-launching our demo lab with OS X 10.9 and updating our automation scripts.