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Here at MacMiniVault.com we have been providing Mac Pro colocation services for customers since 2007. Lately many of our customers have been asking when we will offer Rent2Own Mac Pros and Dedicated Mac Pros similar to our Mac Mini offerings. We are listening and our team of engineers have been busy building additional Mac Pro cabinets to handle initial orders from existing customers. Are you wondering how we can fit 48 Mac Pros in a single 48U cabinet? Watch for the blog post that explains how our cabinets are built with pictures that will walk you through the whole process.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing our Dedicated Mac Pro offering to the general public on www.MacMiniVault.com and www.MacProVault.com.

All packages will include:

  • 1000Mbps Internet Port
  • Unlimited Transfer
  • /29 IPv4 Block (5 usable IP addresses)
  • /96 IPv6 Block (4,294,967,296 IP addresses)
  • Remote Reboot
  • Network Graphing
  • HDMI Video Dongle
  • No hidden fees

Will MacMiniVault.com offer NAS and SAN storage?

ANSWER: There are many variations of the Mac Pro from processor, memory, video and storage. We cannot possibly provide ALL the different configurations so we are starting with the most popular configurations all of our CI customers are using. Then we will be exploring all of the options for additional storage including NAS, SAN and direct attached Thunderbolt storage. We are looking to provide all of these features while keeping the price affordable while making everything easy to maintain and use for every type of customer.

Dedicated Mac Pro promo code: MMV-50off5pro This promo code will discount all of our Dedicated (rental) Mac Pro’s by 50% for the first 5 months; after that the service will go to normal price. No commitments, no contracts, no setup fees.

Order a Mac Pro Dedicated Server

Are you interested in renting a Dedicated Mac Pro or maybe a cluster of them? Contact us today!