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Custom Mac Clusters

Advanced solutions and expert support

Large Scale Clusters

Mac Mini Vault has the capacity and experience to scale with any need. We can smoothly rollout hundreds of Mac servers in very short timeframes. Large scale clusters are custom quoted per project. We apply volume pricing and attractive hardware lease rates. Custom bandwidth, network, or hardware requirements are all built together into one solution.

Automated Imaging

With a few clicks of a mouse you can re-image your Mac server in a matter of minutes. We can build an environment for your Mac servers that contains multiple images and imaging workflows. Need to update your 100 Mac servers? Upload a new image and re-image all your machines without even opening up a support ticket!

Build & Test Environments

Build. Test. Wipe. Repeat. We can build a Mac server environment that is geared towards one-time use macOS instances that self-destruct and rebuild themselves after their task was performed. Mac Mini Vault is home to many Continuous Integration companies, large and small.


We offer two geographically diverse data center locations to all of our customers (Milwaukee, WI & Phoenix, AZ). Each data center location has multiple redundancies for upstream bandwidth, networking, and power. Our engineers can assist with disaster recovery planning and outline a personalized redundant solution.
Technology Partners
Watchman Monitoring requires its build servers to be available 24/7, and Mac Mini Vault has proven itself to be the ideal host. The skilled staff have been a pleasure to work with, helping us prepare for remote hosting, answering questions within minutes. We value their generosity, giving back to the Mac IT community via their GitHub repos.
Allen Hancock

Founder, Watchman Monitoring

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