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When it comes to Macs and Data Centers, we offer the whole shebang #!

Mac mini Colocation

Colo your Mac mini in one of our secure data centers with our affordable colo plan. Each Mac mini is housed in a dedicated slot in one of our custom Mac mini colo cabinets. Plans include power and bandwidth, plus many other value adding features (Remote reboot, network graphs, free hands-on support hours, etc).

Custom Mac Clusters

When our standard cabinet design does not fit the needs of a customer we custom build colo space to their spec. We can rapidly build, deploy, and scale to fit any need. This includes large clusters of Mac minis, Mac Pros, special storage or network hardware, etc.

Classic Mac mini Colocation

Colo your pre-2010 (White/Silver) Mac mini in our data center. The plan includes power and bandwidth, plus many other value adding features (remote reboot, network graphs, free hands-on support hours, etc).

Mac Pro Colocation

We’ve taken our efficient cabinet design to the next level. Our new Mac Pro cabinets allow for up to (48) 2013 Mac Pros to be securely housed. Air flow and cooling has been properly engineered with air intake and exhaust manifolds. We’ve also build the new Mac Pro cabinet to accept over 20Gbps of connectivity to our fiber backbone.

Dedicated Mac Pro Rentals

With our dedicated Mac Pro server packages you manage all of the software while the engineers at MacMiniVault.com maintain the networking and hardware. All of our Dedicated Mac Pro servers are connected to the network at 1Gbps. There are no long term commitments, and you can cancel any time.

Storage Vault

Increase your storage capacity of your Mac mini with one of our Storage Vault options. We have four solutions that increase storage from 1TB to 24TB (raw).

Managed Cisco Firewall

Place a Managed Cisco Firewall between your Mac mini(s) and the internet to improve security and reduce your stress level. The painless configuration is handled by our engineers, which interpret your plain english requests into the proper sequence of settings, rules, and port numbers.

Alternative OS Installations

Need to natively run OS X 10.6, Windows Server, Linux, or VMware ESXi? We offer over a dozen different alternative OS installations available for 2012 and 2014 model Mac minis. This service came from many lab hours testing and developing custom system images and scripts to take full advantage of your colocated Mac mini. Remote reboot functionality is maintained, even with Ubuntu LTS Linux distributions.