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Over the past few weeks we’ve had customers inquire about upgrading their machines to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. There are a few known issues that we’d like to share along with some tips & tricks. Keep in mind this is just what we’ve come across so far and there very well may be other issues we haven’t seen yet. In general it’s a good idea to wait to a 10.x.1 or 10.x.2 release before upgrading, especially a remote machine.

*NOTE* Always make a backup before attempting an OS upgrade!

Upgrade Notes:
– Download Mountain Lion from the App Store
– Upgrade can take over 45 minutes
– Do not power cycle machine during upgrade
– VNC window can be left open, it will come back after the upgrade is complete
– Patience is key
– Web sharing is gone – Click here to fix
– Bonjour advertising is re-enabled – Click here on how to disable itServer Notes:
– Download Server.app from App Store after upgrade
– Make note of share points before upgrade – Info
– DHCP & NAT are no longer included, if you currently use those for VPN you may not want to upgrade
– Work group manager can be found here
– Firewall is no longer in Server.app (ipfw deprecated) PF GUI Management can be found here
– New CLI command called ‘serverinfo’ for querying server details/versions

Fresh Install Notes:
– After a fresh install of Mountain Lion, sharing preferences show remote login and screen sharing enabled (remains of installer). After a reboot they are not.
– Installer won’t accept multiple DNS servers, can be added after installation in Network preferences.
– Overall there seems to be more stability in general with Screen Sharing/VNC.