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Software Partners

Software allows our customers to use their Mac minis to their full potential. We sponsor and partner with software developers that make our lives and our customer’s lives a little better with their products. We also like to support the projects we love to use ourselves. If you run an open source project that you think would interest us or our customers, be sure to contact us.
We have donated to the following open source projects:
– HomeBrew source
– Sequel Pro source
– XBMC source

Little Snitch

Little Snitch is an application firewall for macOS that alerts users to connection attempts from installed applications. If an application or process attempts to establish a network connection, Little Snitch prevents the connection. A dialog is presented which allows one to deny or permit the connection on a one-time or permanent basis. Mac Mini Vault customers can receive a 20% off coupon code by opening a support ticket.

Murus - macOS Firewall Unchained

Murus is a very popular software firewall that leverages built-in PF (Packet Filter) firewall within macOS and provides a front-end so that firewall rules can be easily added and edited. Users can restrict access to services like VNC to specific IP addresses, or close all ports except specific ports like port 80.


Some of our customers control their minis and Pros from Windows PCs and found that the macOS built in VNC server does not function well with Windows VNC clients. We teamed up with NuoRDS to offer their RDP server to our customers. NuoRDS allows Windows and Mac users to use either the Microsoft RDP client or their enhanced RDP client. NuoRDS and NuoRDS TS(Terminal Server) is available to our customers at a discounted rate. Customers can save 20% on a license by using promo code MINIVAULT.

Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image gives customers peace of mind that their data is being backed up regularly on a schedule to a remote destination, including Acronis’ cloud service. Additional features like disk cloning are included in the software as well. Acronis True Image is available at a 10% discount to Mac Mini Vault customers – open a ticket for details.

Remotix by Acronis

Remotix is a great Screen Sharing / RDP client that can be used to connect to Macs from Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. For instructions on connecting to a remote Mac, see our blog post.