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SOLD OUT as of 3/31/14 – We are sold out of these VALUE Mac minis.
LIMITED STOCK as of 7/1/14Online signup available
SOLD OUT as of 7/4/14 – We are sold out again.

Up until recently all of the Mac minis we sell or rent were all new from Apple. They come with factory warranties and all packaging is kept, cataloged, and returned to the customer when the machine no longer requires to be colocated. The customer then has a Mac mini they can use or sell. The Mac minis hold their value really well.

One of the things we mentioned in our upcoming projects post was options that lowered costs and simplified the ability to host OS X in a data center. Our new VALUE Mac mini option is a part of that effort.

The VALUE Mac minis are 2012 2.5GHz Core i5 Mac minis with 8GB of RAM and have OS X 10.9.x installed. We offer these machines at a great price of $350USD. There is also a rent2own option of twelve monthly payments of $29.17. We do not sell the machines outright, they are only available at this price for colocation customers.

The 2012 Mac mini is a great machine and a great value even when purchased new. There has not been a “2013” model announced yet, but even if a revision is released, the 2012 models are extremely powerful and useful.

Other than the price points, we treat the VALUE Mac minis with the same policies. Memory and SSD upgrades can be purchased for VALUE Mac minis. A VALUE Mac mini that is paid in full is returned to customers with the associated packaging.

Some specifics:
– Only available with OS X 10.9 Mavericks
– Enterprise colocation plans include perpetual hardware warranty that covers VALUE minis as well
– Core colocation plans will include 12 month hardware warranty on VALUE minis
– Pricing applies to both current and new customers
– Our 30 day upgrade policy does not apply to VALUE machines
– Availability while supplies last, we’ll do our best to continue to acquire more to keep up stock levels