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How do I access my Mac mini?

When you sign up you will receive links for our billing system, bandwidth monitoring, remote reboot, and address for your mini. You will have SSH and VNC access to your Mac mini. VNC allows you to see your Mini’s desktop from the OS X screen sharing application or most VNC applications on Linux machines.

To access your Mac mini via SSH:
Open terminal on a Mac/Linux machine or download and open Putty on a Windows machine. With putty simply enter your IP address or host name and once connecting the console will prompt for a username or password. From a Mac/Linux machine within terminal, enter the follow command using your username. ssh [email protected]_or_IP, hit enter, accept the default keys notice if prompted, then enter password when prompted. For example, the command might look like ssh [email protected] or ssh [email protected]

If you need to access your mini from a Windows machine, we recommend using iRAPP RDP Server. iRAPP is purchased separately, from the Code Rebel. We will include directions on how to purchase iRAPP at a discounted price and what we need to have it installed. All the details will be included in the sign up e-mails.

Read our getting start page for an idea of the setup required to colocate your Mac mini.

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