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We wanted to take a moment and thank our customers for our explosive growth, look where we have been, and look into the future. We are not new to the industry, but our Mac Mini Vault brand is. Mac Mini Vault started late in December 2010, days before Christmas. It’s been amazing how much demand we’ve seen just in Q1 2011. Mac Mini Vault alone has customers from six seven different countries around the world. Thank you to all our customers for choosing and recommending Mac Mini Vault!

Our build out schedule for pre-wiring Mac mini colo chassis’ has dramatically sped up. We are working to launch ‘Same Day Deployment’ by the end of April. Small pat on our back: We have been able to surprise some recent new customers with same-day access to their Mac mini, sometimes even within hours! Earlier this month we also announced new products and services for RAID storage and managed Cisco firewalls.

If you thought we did a lot in the last 3 months, we still have more planned up our sleeve. We’ve been diligently working on ways to help our customers. We’ll have a configuration app soon that automatically sets the various network, power, and bonjour settings for customers doing the setup themselves and sending in their mini. In the future we will build on that to help make the process of managing a remote server easier. This summer we will be announcing information on OS X 10.7 (Lion) and [presumably] Apple will have a revised Mac mini with [hopefully] Thunderbolt.