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What if I need a reboot?

All our service plans include a control panel for remotely rebooting your Mac Mini. If you are having any difficulties you can open a support ticket.

The network graphs and remote reboot are a part of the billing portal interface. This is the same area that has your invoice/billing information. Log in here. Under the “Services -> My Services” section there will be a list of all your Mac minis. Click ‘View Details’ to display more information about your Mac mini including the network graphs and the remote reboot functionality.

Please Note: You should ensure the proper configuration is set within the Energy Saver System Preferences. Make sure that ‘Wake of network access’, ‘Restart automatically if the computer freezes’, and ‘Start up automatically after a power failure’ are checked. We also recommend setting a ‘Start up or wake’ schedule outside of our free hands-on support. If the machine is awake and running there will be no issues, if the machine is accidentally shut off or put to sleep it will come back online.