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It seems like just yesterday that we had a promotion to celebrate our D and E cabinets going online and our milestone of 500 Mac minis in our data center. We are over 800 Mac minis right now and today our seventh cabinet (G) is going online. This is an important achievement for us as it raises our pre-wired capacity for hosting Mac minis to over 1,000 units! Not only that, but we’ve begun the build out that dedicates data center space to double our Mac mini capacity by 2015. To celebrate we are going to run our MMV-5for6 promo code until July 14th, 2013. This promo code will discount our Enterprise colocation plan by 90% down to $5 per month. For the next 6 months the service will be invoiced at $5, after that the service will go to normal price. No commitments, no contracts, no setup fees. We offer Free hands-on support*, remote reboot, bandwidth graphs, and discounts from our software partners with all of our colocation plans.

We offer a zero-commitment 48 hour demo of our colocation service using minis we own and have configured. The demos are great for testing speeds and performance as well as installing software and testing configurations. We zero-out each demo hard drive before redeploying it. Sign up for a demo at www.macminivault.com/try.

In order to use the colocation plan a Mac mini needs to be provided. When placing an order the shipping instructions will be emailed so the Mac mini can be sent in to the data center. We also have new Mac minis available for purchase and fast deployment. Our Rent2Own option is also available for this promotion. The Rent2Own option splits the cost of a Mac mini or Mac mini Server over 12 months. If a customer pays all 12 months, the machine is fully owned by them and returned to them when the colocation is no longer needed. This promotion is available to both new and current customers signing up for a new colocation plan.

See our FAQs for all the details about our colocation service, Rent2Own, and the new Perpetual Hardware Warranty.

*Free hands-on support is available during 1st shift hours on normal business days.