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A lot of our customers are iOS app developers, and we’re often asked if there’s a way to share a USB device (like an iPhone) with a remote Mac mini or Mac Pro. There are a few options out there, and these are the three applications we have tested. All of the applications require paid licenses, but offer free trials.

USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate is an application that is installed on your local Mac, Windows, or Linux computer, and on the remote Mac. It allows the user to share USB devices across the internet and is cross-platform.

VirtualHere OSX USB Server

OSX USB Server is another application that is installed on the remote Mac and a local computer. The server software supports macOS, and the client software supports macOS, Windows, and Linux. At this time, the software does not support macOS Catalina.


FlexiHub is another cross-platform option that has support for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. The software is installed on the local computer and the remote Mac like the other options.