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Start building with Jenkins on macOS in the cloud.

Stop worrying about hardware maintenance and leave it to us. Focus on shipping iOS & macOS code faster with Jenkins.

Built for performance.

Mac Mini Vault is an industry leader in the hosted macOS space. With over 25 years of rock solid data center history, we’re in a unique position to deliver a reliable solution for your continuous integration needs.


We're your hands and eyes and can assist with diagnosing and repairing your issue.


All Mac minis and Mac Pros come with a 1 Gbps network uplink to a Cisco switch stack that is redundantly connected to our backbone.


We eat, breathe, and sleep Apple. We spend a lot of time with macOS.


Access bandwidth graphs and remote power controls within your customer portal.


We run a dual stack network at both our data centers with multiple IPv4 and IPv6 peers.


We only rent out dedicated hardware, no virtualized servers that run like molasses.

Ready for Jenkins.

Whether you want to virtualize macOS on VMware ESXi or work directly with macOS, we install the latest operating system of your choice so that you can focus on configuring your Jenkins build agents.

Affordable pricing.


Send in your Mac mini or Pro

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per month

Dedicated Mac mini

Rent a Mac mini

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per month

Dedicated Mac Pro

Rent a Mac Pro

Starting at


per month

Trusted by DevOps teams of all sizes.

“Watchman Monitoring requires its build servers to be available 24/7, and Mac Mini Vault has proven itself to be the ideal host. The skilled staff have been a pleasure to work with, helping us prepare for remote hosting, answering questions within minutes. We value their generosity, giving back to the Mac IT community via their GitHub repos.”

Allen Hancock

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