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A while back we posted how to easily upload files to your Mac mini by using SFTP which uses the SSH protocol. With OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, the Screen Sharing app has a few new features. One being the Shared Clipboard which is automatically enabled when you connect to another OS X 10.8 machine via Screen Sharing. It keeps your clipboard in sync, reducing the need to manually push/pull your clipboard contents between machines. Note, if you use other programs that sync clipboard data such as Synergy this Shared Clipboard function can cause issues. The Shared Clipboard can be disabled under the ‘Edit’ menu. The next feature allows drag and drop capabilities within the Screen Sharing app. Drag a file from your desktop to the Screen Sharing window and it will be uploaded to the remote machine. You can also copy files down from the remote machine and drag them to your local machine. These features make the experience of working with a remote Mac more seamless.