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We host Mac computers in our data centers. We have thousands of Macs currently in our data centers using our custom engineered cabinets.
This service is also known as Mac Pro hosting or Mac Pro cloud hosting.

Our colocation plans include:

  • 1 Gbps network port
  • Redundant internal 10 Gbps network infrastructure
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Peering with multiple Tier 1 backbone connections (MKE1 AS21554 / PHX1 AS21624)
  • /29 IPv4 address block
  • Reverse DNS entries of your choice
  • /64 IPv6 address block available upon request
  • Network port graphs
  • Remote reboot control
  • Physically and electronically secured data center rackspace
  • Free and discounted software from our partners (more info)
  • World class 24×7 support with decades of Mac expertise
  • Free hands-on support during first shift business hours (8am to 5pm Central US)
  • Support for our open-source automation scripts (more info)
  • One on one consulting and interactive walk throughs Done on a scheduled basis

Lite Plan

  • 1TB monthly transfer
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth access
  • Send your Pro in
  • Upgrade to Pro at any time


Save 10% by paying annually!

Pro Plan

  • UNLIMITED monthly transfer
  • 1 Gbps bandwidth access
  • Send your Mac Pro in


Save 10% by paying annually!

Ship yours

To ship your Mac Pro in for colocation, simply order the colocation package of your choice (Lite or Pro). We’ll send setup instructions and shipping directions. No need to ship the power cable or any adapters, but we recommend using the original box. We’ll store it and return it with the Mac Pro when it is eventually shipped back to you.

Purchase one

Purchase a new or used Mac Pro from Apple or an online vendor and have it shipped directly to us. We’ll configure it as needed and you’ll be online normally the same day we receive the Mac Pro. We’ll also store the original packaging and contents along with any original parts. When it’s time to ship the Mac Pro to you, we’ll box it up in all the original packaging if it was included.

Dedicated Server (Rental)

Rent a Dedicated Mac Pro from us and you will never have to worry about hardware issues again. By renting a Dedicated Mac Pro server from us you get all of the benefits of hosting a Mac Pro in the datacenter without the headaches of having to pay for costly hardware replacements. Month to Month Contract. (more info)
Secure dedicated network segment protected with a Cisco ASA Firewall – ($50.00 USD Monthly)
Network Redundant Network Switch Port (Per Plan Speed) – ($20.00 USD Monthly)
Storage Vault Promise Pegasus R6 Colocation – (Customer Supplied) ($45.00 USD Monthly)
Host any external storage device that has the same or smaller dimensions as the Pegasus:
Height: 9.88 in./25.1 cm
Width: 7.36 in./18.7 cm
Length: 9.84 in./25 cm