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This year, Mac Mini Vault will be celebrating its 10th birthday. Birthday celebrations are quite different during a pandemic of course, but the need for hosted Macs has become even more important at a time when remote work has increased and continuity of business relies on a solid platform for that work. Over the years, we have hosted Macs for enthusiasts running personal email and media servers, corporations running large Mac clusters, and everything in between. Lots has changed since Mac Mini Vault launched in 2010, but our core commitment to fast, secure, enterprise-level Mac hosting has not wavered.

To celebrate Mac Mini Vault turning 10 and our parent company CyberLynk turning 25, we have 3 exciting new promos:

New Dedicated Mac mini model: 2014 2.6GHz i5 – $19.99/mo
Includes 8GB memory, 256GB SSD, and gigabit network port. $19.99/mo, no promo code required. No commitments, no contracts, no setup fees. Order here.

Dedicated Mac mini promo code: MMV-75off-Quad
This promo code will discount 2012 Quad-Core Mac minis by 75% for the first 12 months; after that the service will return to normal price. No commitments, no contracts, no setup fees. This promotion does not apply to 2018 Mac mini models at this time. Order here.

Dedicated Mac mini promo code: MMV-50off12-Quad

We are excited to announce a promotion for the first time on 2018 Mac minis. This promo code will discount 2018 Quad-Core Mac minis by 50% for the first 12 months; after that the service will return to normal price. No commitments, no contracts, no setup fees. Order here.

Check out all of our promotions on our deals page.

Mac Mini Vault Through The Years

Mac Mini as a Server

Dec 2010 – Mac Mini Vault Launches

Mac Mini Vault launched with a simple premise: send us your Mac mini and we’ll host it in a data center. Since our humble beginnings, we have expanded our services and grown to become one of the largest hosted Mac providers in the world.

Jul 2011 – Classic Mac mini Colocation Launches

Classic Mac minis are larger than the ‘unibody’ Mac minis that we primarily host, however there was and still is a demand to host the older models. 

Mar 2012 – Rent2Own Program Launched

Rent2Own is a program that splits the payments for a new Mac mini over 12 months with no interest. After 12 months, you own the mini and can have it shipped to you or continue to host it in our data centers.

Apr 2012 – Alternative OS Options Launched

We can install Alternative OS’s on 2012 and 2014 Mac minis. For more information including which operating systems are supported, see our Alternativate OS page.

Jul 2013 – Mac Mini Vault Celebrates 1000 Hosted Macs

Mac Mini Vault has continued to grow through the years, especially as Continuous Integration and other large-scale Mac-based use cases have been introduced.

Feb 2014 – Mac Mini Vault Expands to Phoenix, AZ

As Mac Mini Vault and its parent company have grown, so has the need for geographically separate data centers. Our two data centers are completely separate, running on different AS numbers that are operated by us.

Nov 2014 – Mac Pro Hosting Launched

An immense growth in hosted Macs created the need to offer more powerful Mac Pros. Our custom-built Mac Pro cabinets house 48 2013 Mac Pros with powerful cooling capabilities.

Mar 2015 – We… Launched a Mac mini into Space

Technically it was near-space, but either way it was a lot of fun. Check out the video for some cool views.

Sep 2015 – Dedicated Mac minis Launched

Customers were increasingly looking for Mac solutions that allowed them to forego purchasing a Mac mini and simply rent it from us. We now have 2012, 2014, and 2018 dedicated Mac minis available to rent.

Jul 2017 – Dedicated Mac Pros Launched

Following the success of the dedicated Mac minis, we had customers asking for Mac Pro rentals. We currently rent 2013 dedicated Mac Pros.

2020 and Beyond

Mac Mini Vault has built a solid foundation and will continue to adapt and grow as new iterations of products are released. We’re excited to see what the future holds. Thank you to our customers who have helped make this a worthwhile journey.